Industrial Steel Welding, Fabricating, and Steel Sales

Frank Santucci welded on battle ships in the New York harbor during WWII. And so the history of our welding expertise began. After the war he settled in Jamestown and put his welding experience to use doing custom welding jobs. He established the business in 1956 and started the roadmap of Industrial Welding & Fabricating Co. Frank’s son, Fred Santucci, an equally skilled welder, took over the family business in 1980. Under Fred’s ownership and incorporation, IWF grew by leaps and bounds into a full service steel manufacturing plant handling large industrial and commercial installation and modification projects as well as on-going steel component production. These services include industrial steel welding, fabricating, and steel sales. In 2008, IWF was purchased by Gene and Susan Wilston. With Fred Santucci still at the core of the operations, new ownership augmented the corporate team’s engineering and business capabilities. Industrial Welding & Fabricating Co. continues as an open shop company servicing both manufacturing facilities and new construction. Industrial work includes new plant additions, fabrication and installation of craneways, stairways, mezzanines, pipe bollards and safety guards as well as relocation, removal and setting of production equipment. Added to its array of services, IWF uses skilled welders and punch press equipment to provide component manufacturing. With the years of change and growth, Industrial Welding & Fabricating Co. remains a family owned business dedicated to quality service, commitment to employees, and support of the local community.